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The Crystahhled Process

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The Crystahhled Process


Image Selection and Creation

The very first step in the Crystahhled process is actually a Pre-Phase....It starts with choosing designs. We spend a lot of time brainstorming, paying close attention to trends, magazines, online blogs, fashion illustrators, designer details, the changing seasons, the colors in nature and of course ANYTHING & EVERYTHING related to Louis Vuitton. Our vision primarily comes from God's creations, design elements in home decor & fashion and OF COURSE Louis Vuitton.


Phase 1:

Sketch, print, hand place Swarovski crystals

Once the season's images are selected, we sketch. We sketch in black and white, in color, charcoal, permanent market, Copic pens and Prismacolor paper, napkins, receipts....Anytime we have a vision, it's sketched. We sketch and sketch and sketch some more, until each image is exactly how we want it!

Once the canvas wrapped image has our sketch on it, we hand-place thousands of Swarovski crystals in hundreds of sizes and colors onto the canvas. This alone can take hours and weeks to complete. We may stop and order new colors or sizes of Swarovski crystals, but once finished, we have the base for The Crystahhled Process. Each original piece of art is available to purchase on our website. They are signed, dated, include a certificate of authenticity, including colors and sizes of Swarovski crystals used, and the artists name.  Only one piece of original artwork available. Price range is $4,000-$15,000. 

Phase 2:

The Prints

The Crystahhled Process, Phase 2, is a feat we are SO proud of we can't share the details. Just know it took nearly 2 years, yes, TWO YEARS to get as close to perfection as possible! Our tried and true, tested and re-tested method allows us to print high definition images capturing the allure, the illusion and sexiness of the original pieces of Swarovski crystal art while still maintaining a smooth surface. You read that right, the print appears to have crystals but it doesn't! This process is 100% for you! You asked, we listened and executed! You get all of the sparkle, none of the worry. The LOOK of Swarovski crystals, the sparkle of Swarovski crystals with NONE of the worry! You will never lose a crystal, how thrilling!  

Phase 3: 

All the Goodies

You've made it this far, don't give up on us now! Keep reading, here's where it gets good! So you like the prints, but hey, prints can only be used in so many places, right? SO these gorgeous images are also on our designer selection of seasonal, traditional and modern items. Think of coffee mugs, iPhone cases, Macbook and iPad sleeves, throw pillows….Go ahead and shop, check it out!  As we move further as a company, a brand and your go to for gift giving, your involvement is key! We want to hear from you! Send us pictures, tag us on Social Media when you post how you used your Crystahhled items, we will be asking….What do YOU want more of, less of and honestly could do without do. We can take it, we're tough! Your happiness, your feeling of beauty and self worth is our mission and our pleasure. We've put together all the items YOU have asked for, thought you would like or just because you should always feel beautiful!  


"YOU deserve to feel pretty, because YOU deserve it!" ~
                                               Elyssa Hyatt-Talburt

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  • Tilly: December 07, 2016

    Wow, I never realised just how much work you put into each of your beautiful artworks and I’m thrilled to have found such an amazing artist! ❤❤❤❤

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