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What's the deal, Crystal?

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 Whats the deal, Crystal?

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Are you being blasted with a TON of information about crystals? I have been and it's coming at me fast and furious from all directions! Emails, magazines, TV shows, radio ad's, ETSY and even my best friends, I'm overwhelmed ands guess what?

I'm overwhelmed but unconditionally intrigued, unconditionally curious and unconditionally pledge to learn about everything CRYSTAL! So what's a girl to do? OBSESS! LEARN! READ! EDUCATE! And boy did I!

Looking for crystals in the ocean

So, full disclosure, crystal obsession isn't new for me....I have been overly obsessed with crystals since I can remember, maybe 2 or 3 years old??? Growing up near the beach I was always searching for the elusive gorgeous crystals. Anything slightly shiny immediately caught my eye and off I went! I'd go after the shiny object with the tenacity of a dog with a bone. And if I found one, I felt like I won the lottery. But I didn't know anything about crystals. I knew they were pretty, I wanted them bad and would do anything to find them. It wasn't until years later I started to quiet the voice in my head that said CRYSTALS over and over by learning about them. 

Oklahoma Salt Mine

I WANT CRYSTALS. I'd go mining for them, to the salt mines in Oklahoma or to the gold mines in Arkansas even as far as the Dominican Republic for the gorgeous Larimar!! I watched TV shows, read books, scoured the internet, talked to experts, I mean did you know Larimar is ONLY found in the Dominican Republic? Well that just makes me want it even more! Larimar is a type of Pectolite that takes on the colors of the water, coral and other objects around it. REALLY, not I'm getting hooked. For all the details on Larimar check this out

Dominican Republic Larimar

I'm devoting this site, Crystahhled, such a clever name, thank you very much, to sharing most important things I've learned about everything CRYSTAL. I will share my secrets with you! Which crystals are the BEST and WHY! How to get the most out of your crystals. How to use crystals everyday to have a more meaningful relationships with yourself, others, our world!

So my fellow devoted crystal lovers. STAY OBSESSED! And stay tuned as we learn together.

Love you.





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