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Why bedazzled is a FOUR letter word to Crystahhled….

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So…if you read the title you know I can't count....bummer for me, right?! Bedazzled is OBVIOUSLY not a four letter word, but you're so smart I knew you would get it. Now allow me explain.

Oh gosh, hold on…First, there is another four letter word we don't use and it's bling, don't get me wrong, I think there's a time and a place for these words..but just like the four letter kind, Crystahhled doesn't use them and here's why...

EVERYTHING and I mean everything we do starts and ends with Swarovski crystals, not rhinestones which are pretty but they are NOT all! Swarovski crystals come with a price tag, rhinestones are practically FREE and that's no joke, they are. Take a look on Ebay. Then look up my soul mate and true love, SWAROVSKI  /Swar-ove-ski/  , even the word sounds expensive, right? Check out the price-tag on my precious babies! They ain't cheap. And we use thousands and thousands of glorious, gorgeous, faceted Swarovski crystals. So close to a diamond it makes my eyes tear up just a bit when I work with them I love them SO much! The colors are amazing, the reflection is un-matched even when compared to the real thing, diamonds. The COLORS did I mention those? You cannot get diamonds in SO MANY COLORS...pinch me, they're fabulously fantastic! No, I am not heir to the Swarovski throne, I wish! I don't work for the company nor are they paying me to love their crystals but I do! And I want YOU to love them and get to experience them like I do. With one exception. Without the enormous price tag...each image Crystahhled uses started as a sketch, then we add thousands of HAND PLACED Swarovski crystals (we're talking thousands upon thousands of colors and sizes you can imagine + many, many, many late into the wee hours of the night, hours = $$$$$$$$) and use that image and capture the reflection and put them on all the items you can find on our website.

BUT WHYYYY, you ask?

FOR YOU!!! We do it for YOU! You deserve it! You deserve to feel beautiful. You deserve to experience the luxury and opulence of whatever your heart desires. So go ahead.

Obsess. Indulge. CRYSTAHHLED





Enjoy ~



For more information re: Swarovski vs. The rest: read about the differences.



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