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The Crystahhled Story


| verb. | crys-tahh-led | \ˈkris-tȯl-d\ |to transform unobtainable items into luxurious everyday indulgences

Crystahhled is revolutionizing how we define luxury and measure self-worth. By transforming extravagant, luxury art into tangible gifts, we are able to look beyond the price tag and finally see the beauty within.

The obsession began as a hobby for founder, Elyssa Hyatt-Talburt. Starting with tote bags adorned with Swarovski crystals, her hobby quickly developed into elaborate works of art. A single canvas creations could include more than ten thousand hand placed crystals requiring well over thirty hours of work.

The feedback was unbelievable. In 2015, Elyssa was commissioned to create a one of a kind piece of art for Reese Witherspoon and her Draper James brand. She transformed a simple sketch into a glamorous canvas masterpiece adorned with hand placed Swarovski crystals. 

Anyone who saw the finished product was in love and wanted a replication. Elyssa began to realize the potential for her once “hobby” and Crystahhled was born. She set out on a mission to transform her hand crafted luxury creations into everyday items that would be accessible to everyone. 

“We’re all seeking pretty things that add a little sparkle to our life and a smile” said Elyssa. By making that luxurious sparkle accessible to everyone, Crystahhled is redefining how we view self-worth and empowering women to look beyond the label to embrace their unique beauty. 

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