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“Everyone deserves to feel beautiful because YOU deserve it.”

Mother, entrepreneur and Crystahhled founder/designer/artist, Elyssa Hyatt-Talburt knows a thing or two about the value beyond a price tag. Elyssa grew up without the fancy designer labels, the latest backpacks and the often overlooked luxury of having birthday parties. She imagined what it would be like to have those things and how if one day she could have a Louis Vuitton bag draped on her arm, everything would change. 

But it didn’t. It was just a bag. 

Elyssa wasn’t like other young girls. She didn’t let the lack of fancy items make her feel devalued. Rather, she set out on a mission to put smiles on the faces of other women. She began working as a makeup artist. This allowed her to let out her creative side, treat each client as a blank canvas and sit back as she unveiled the final product. “Nothing feels better than watching your clients light up because they finally feel beautiful. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, regardless of their situation.” said Elyssa. "EVERYONE!"

She transitioned into the corporate world quickly advancing as regional manager for a Fortune 500 company. As her family began to grow, Elyssa decided it was time to leave the the busy work world and return home to raise her boys. But something was missing. She needed to let out her creative side, again. Elyssa started a hobby of dressing up everyday items with hand placed swarovski crystals. The feedback from others was incredible. Elyssa had found her calling and was overjoyed that she could bring a little sparkle to the world and make others feel beautiful all while doing something she loved. 

She moved on to creating elaborate works of art. A single canvas piece could be covered in tens of thousands of swarovski crystals. Before she knew it, her side hobby became a successful online luxury boutique serving clients across the globe.

After years of perfecting her method and hours dedicated to the final product, Elyssa took immense pride in her finished product. Her one of a kind creations made her customers feel beautiful and valued. Elyssa was determined to make those feelings accessible to everyone.  

Instantly, the idea for Crystahhled was born. 

The mission: to make beautiful items accessible to everyone. Elyssa hopes this movement will remind others that personal value is not determined by a price tag or designer label. Everyone deserves a little sparkle in their life and Crystahhled is making that sparkle meaningful. 

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